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A book about a bike race from Canada to Mexico, unsanctioned and unsupported


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The secret to six pack abs and other myths

The secret to six pack abs and other myths

You can Google “Six Pack Abs” and you’ll get a slew of sights telling you they have the secret if you buy their book, dvd, webinar, seminar or food plan. I thought I’d give you their secret here: It’s a myth.
Okay, so maybe it’s not a complete myth but the thing is your vital organs are located all around your stomach area and that’s why you get fat there first, your body is trying to protect your organs (ain’t biology kah-razy!?).

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The last time Scott Thigpen had been on a bicycle, he was a 12-year-old kid with a love of Star Wars and Disney. Twenty-five years later, he was sedentary and rapidly gaining weight. Hello Couch, meet Potato. It was time for a change, for both his body and his mind. Determined to start moving again, Scott climbed on a bicycle one summer afternoon and started pedaling. By the end of the driveway, he was gasping for breath.

 A year later, Scott was still trying to stay upright on a mountain bike when he watched Ride The Divide, a movie  about an event so daunting, so exhilarating, so tough that few attempt it. But Scott couldn’t stop thinking about it. The Tour Divide, a nearly 3000-mile mountain bike race along the spine of the Continental Divide, was his new dream.

Known as one of the toughest races in the world, the Tour Divide is an unsupported off-road event. If your tire is flat, you fix it. If you run out of water, you must find more. If you’re caught in the middle of nowhere, exhausted and blurry-eyed? Find a spot to nap amidst nature and try not to bother the Grizzlies.

Starting from zero, Scott trained for two years while maintaining a busy family life, a freelance career illustrating for the Wall Street Journal and The Atlanta Journal Constitution, and a teaching gig at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Scott was preparing for the ride of his life.

 In June of 2013, he climbed on that bicycle again, this time to race against 167 other people from all over the world on a trek that would take him from Canada to Mexico in 22 days.

Captured through Scott’s vivid words and wondrous illustrations, this is the tale of one man’s quest to break free of the typical life and conquer his wildest dream.

For 20 years Scott Thigpen has been a freelance illustrator for major corporations and media outlets.  Coinciding with the book release he will include art inspired from his journey across the Continental Divide as well as have a solo art show at Naked Art Gallery on October 4th, 2014 (click here for details).  Displayed is a sample of some of the art contained in the book.

The heroes in ultra races are not in the front. The real hero, the otherwise normal guy that got inspired, left his cubicle and gave everything to better himself and test his spirit. Scott unknowingly inspired me and countless others both during and after his race. This is Scott’s story of dedication and courage during the hardest bike race in the world.

- Billy Rice, Ultra Endurance Athlete

Scott Thigpen rides straight into the dragon that is the Tour Divide mountain bike race. While encountering mountain after mountain, snow, hail, mechanical issues, and long days in the saddle, he discovers the beauty in the people and places along the dragon’s path that make this such a memorable life-changing ride.

-Andy Amick, Ultra Endurance Athlete & Writer

A story of torture and triumph, fears and fun, and pure life lessons learned while riding the longest unsupported mountain bike race in America. Scott gives us an inside look into the journey that has forever changed his life and the life of every person who will pick up the book and read cover to cover.

- Melissa Daniel, Triathlete & Physical Therapist

Trail Magic and the art of Soft Pedaling will be available both in Kindle Format and as a book on October 4th.  The final touches and edits are being finalized right now and if you sign up now (see below) there may be an early release date for the Kindle version of the book!

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